Dryad of Nurture

Self-Reflection Deck II

This second pack of 28 cards flows right into the first set, and includes the most popular artwork, "Once Upon a Time", as well as favorites like "Catching the Light", "Truce", and "Healing". Like the first deck, there are also 5 works from the Neverlands collection, and the third of the Home Away series.

Maybe you want to flip over several cards and allow the sequence to guide you through the month, or flip a single card and display it or carry it with you as a token for the day or week. Or, you may decide to thumb through the deck and purposefully choose a specific card that inspires you in that moment… There are no instructions that accompany these cards and no dictated interpretations for you to follow. Why? Because even when you know the intention of the artist, sometimes the art tells you a different story. It may also take on a different meaning from one viewing to the next, especially when used in the context of other cards.

Cards are not available for gallery representation.

Cards are not available for gallery representation.


Art can open us up to new philosophies or teach us about a different time and place. But most of all, art evokes emotion, and this can offer us unique insight into our own hearts.

However you choose to use them, Elisabeth on Earth cards are for your personal reflection, to be used in perfect love and perfect trust. Know that all of the answers you seek *already exist* within you; the cards only help you to discover what is hidden beneath the conscious surface. 

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Expand your awareness. Open your heart. Embrace abundance. Practice joy and gratitude. Love yourself, be honest with yourself, and trust yourself to write your own beautiful story. Use them wisely ~ as guides, not gospel ~ and empower yourself to be the sole creator of your own life.

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