Benevolent World!

A butterfly is most commonly known for its metamorphosis, for its complete transformation into one of the most treasured sights of the warmer seasons. It brings joy to young and old alike. But unbeknownst to itself, it is doing so much more.

Pollination doesn’t happen intentionally; it is simply what happens when pollinators feed on nectar. They get yellow dirt on their legs and just keep going, gifting the world with a seemingly endless variety of vegetation. What if we did the same? What if we were so devoted to a certain lifestyle that helping others to thrive was just a matter of course?

It’s easy to forget, when the world seems overtaken by violence and intolerance. But we are here now, and through the centuries, compassion has held together the fabric of humanity. The foundation of a benevolent world is steadfast.

This artwork will be part of a triptych, and features a monarch butterfly I took in from the November cold. I named him Victor. Victor loved mashed banana.