Home Away 2

"All truths are but half-truths."
~ Ancient Paradox

The Law of Polarity states that opposites are "identical in nature, but different in degree"  ~ there is no hard line between them. What is the magic number that defines something as high or low? Light or dark? What is the specific temperature at which hot becomes cold? The two extremes essentially define each other.

When I began the Home Away series, I was struck by the contrast of the ghost's enclosed space and the cormorant's open, endless ocean. It presented a series of opposites: inside and outside; entrapment and freedom; ignorance (or perhaps, numbness) and awareness; and of course, death and life. 

For some, a ghost in the window may convey death, and to others, life. Maybe life and death share the same space, their coexistence allowing us to discover the life in death and the death in life. If our bodies die just a little every day as new cells replace the old, or if we leave behind any vibrating matter ~ life ~ after our last breath, at what point do we really live or die? Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that death doesn't exist at all, that there is only life with its infinite transformations, its endings and beginnings, and all the microscopic grey areas in between.